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Recent Cases

D.C. Superior Court Jury Awards DCPS Whistleblower $400,000 in Damages against D.C.

November 2023. A D.C. Superior Court jury awarded former D.C. Public Schools Investigator Steven Lee $400,000 in damages against the District of Columbia government, in a whistleblower case before D.C. Superior Court Judge Danya Dayson. Mr. Lee grew up in SE D.C. in foster care; his mother was addicted to drugs and died at an early age, and he never knew his father. He was homeless in high school and finished high school in transitional housing in Sasha Bruce housing. He worked his way through college and began employment at DCPS in 2009. For several years at DCPS, he received very good performance reviews, and his work product was held up as the standard for other investigators, through November 2019. In January 2020, he was threatened by his supervisor who challenged Mr. Lee to a fight which Mr. Lee declined. Mr. Tynes reported the incident to another one of his supervisors who responded that she wanted to put Mr. Lee on a Performance Improvement Plan. Mr. Lee was later placed on the PIP in April 2020 and the PIP 2 was extended from June 2020 until December 2020, even though D.C. Municipal Regulations only allow a PIP for 90 days. Mr. Lee was terminated in March 2021 during the middle of the COVID- 19 pandemic and left without income and health insurance after twelve years of employment at DCPS.

MSPB Orders Reinstatement of an Accountant

October 2023. The Merit System Protection Board affirmed an Administrative Judge Order that the Defense Finance Accounting System failed to accommodate a disabled employee, John Wilber, and terminated him when he requested an accommodation. The MSPB ordered the Agency to reinstate the employee and pay him back and attorney's fees.

EEOC Awards Damages to Census Bureau Employee

September 2023. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Administrative Judge Chad Cooper issued an Order finding that the Census Bureau discriminated against Ta Shunna Marshall in denying her an opportunity to work in her position of record and requiring her to receive assignments from a contractor. The EEOC ordered discipline and training for the responsible management officials, $85,000 in compensatory damages to Ms. Marshall, and $60,000 in attorney’s fees.

Arbitrator Awards Driver $784,000 in Damages

August 2023. Arbitrator Gail Tusan awarded Isaiah Joyce $783,000 in damages against AmeriGas Propane after Mr. Joyce was not paid all contractor fees due and was arrested and falsely charged with theft in taking propane tanks.

EEOC Orders FBI to Reinstate a Terminated Employee

August 2022. EEOC Administrative Judge Cynthia McKnight found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation discriminated against Jamal Williams when it terminated his employment in March 2019 based on his race. The Agency was ordered to reinstate Mr. Williams and pay him back pay and discipline the responsible management officials and pay his attorney’s fees.

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